Break Up Quotes

Break Up Quotes

In life where we experience the sweetness of love and trust of our loved ones, the pain of hatred and bitterness of breaking relations are also there. Breakup from someone, is really a very painful and heartbreaking situation. No one can feel the pain unless he/she has experienced that. One has to let go the relation and its the biggest curse of life. Its very difficult to overcome the effects of this type of tragedy. For some people this situation is unbearable. They seems that the life ends with the end of the relationship. But the life goes on. It does not stands for any body. The pain which brings us disappointment and frustration gives an important lesson of life. The people experience the pain of break up need help, morally and physically.

If you have a friend with broken heart, your words can be really helpful. You can be helpful in making them realize that they are not alone and they are loved by other people too. Your words can give them courage to overcome their inner feelings. Life and tide waits for none. Usually people do not like to be disturbed at this stage, they want to be alone but the good friends never leave in this situation.

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Its a cruel world and we cannot always shape life according to our own will. We face difficulties, pains, tragedies and happiness too but in all these situations our loved ones stand besides us to comfort us and tell us that we are not alone. Our words of sympathy or love are really meant for our friends and we can take them out of every situation by giving them attention and inspire them with our words. Now a days different kinds of Quotes are used in our conversation. Break up quotes are very suitable for this situation. These breakup quotes work like a painkiller.

Harsh words break no bones but they do break hearts.

Here we are providing you the best collection of break up quotes. Just select a suitable quote and send it to your friend. These quotes are actually the words of wisdom and wisdom gives us the vision and sight to see beyond this suffering. Breakup quotes inspire the reader and make them think about the reality of life and he comes to realize that this is what the life is all about. And remember that one should not try to stick with the painful memories, whether it is happy or sad. Life keeps on changing and this is the beauty of life.